V.W. Bro. P.H.E. Bailey, PGJO

V.W. Bro. P.H.E. Bailey, PGJO

On Tuesday 13th October 2020, V.W.Bro.Peter Harold Edwin Bailey, a Past Grand Junior Overseer, after having given over 50 years service to Mark Masonry and the Shakespeare Lodge of Mark Master Masons No.40 Time Immemorial in particular, was elected top Honorary membership of our Lodge. This is an extract from the minutes of that meeting…

“W.Bro. Martin C. Grahame-Dunn, Prov.G.S.W. proposed and W. Bro. Sebastian P. Samperi, Worshipful Master, seconded the proposition that the Lodge confer Honorary Membership on V.W.Bro. Peter E. Bailey P.G.J.O., P.Prov. G.S.W. in recognition of his many services to the Lodge over his 54 years of membership. This Proposition was greeted with acclamation and the Worshipful Master declared V.W Bro. Peter E. Bailey P.G.J.O., P.Prov. G.S.W. an Honorary Member of the Lodge”. 

Peter has been instrumental in the growth and well being of the Lodge for many years and now, in his 90th year he has truly received the reward due to patient industry and merit.

I’m sure we will continue to see Peter at pour meetings for many years to come!

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